Last time we covered a AF IMP event was way back in 2012. Four years later and the event is still kicking, strong. AF Imp Super Carnival brings out a good variety of cars though most of them tend to be Euros – gorgeous Euros at that. This year’s AF Imp brought out a solid number of cars yet again, many of them having a style of their own, though we have to say that there is quite a few cars rocking what many would consider “usdm style”. That claim can certainly be argued but there is no denying that you could mistake a few of the cars from this event for cars from right here in the states. Absolutely nothing wrong with that of course, inspiration comes from all over the world. We all know how inspired we Americans are by some of the stuff that the Japanese do! We’ll leave you with about a hundred photos to check out, just make sure to check out all 7 pages! Enjoy..

AF IMP 2016-19

AF IMP 2016-18

AF IMP 2016-111

AF IMP 2016-110

AF IMP 2016-108

AF IMP 2016-107

AF IMP 2016-105

AF IMP 2016-104

AF IMP 2016-103

AF IMP 2016-102

AF IMP 2016-101

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