Washington is one of the most beautiful states I have been to so far. Nestled within that state, surround by pines, is a small institution by the name Bellevue College. This college is the meeting grounds for one of the West coasts most notorious car shows, Stance Wars Seattle. This year Mike and the team decided to bring me out once again to capture the event. I played with an idea they had about giving out free tickets to the event for the intro of the film with the hiding and searching for of said tickets. They also had an air ride limbo and a water park event set up the night before the show for everyone to go to and get involved. The show was amazing this year as we finally got some sunset light to drape over the cars in the Top 100 on the upper deck of the parking garage. The night after the show we all went out and partied with some new Seattle friends and made some amazing connections. The day after I took 3 high caliber GTR’s, a Rocket Bunny, Bensopra, and a Liberty Walk throughout Seattle to visit some of its most iconic land mark which definitely broke some necks. Thanks to JJ and the Phantasy Kolors team for making that happen! I had an amazing time out west and can not wait to be back next year to see what the StanceWars team has in mind. Special thanks to @HalcyonPhoto (Anthony Purcell) for his help throughout this entire shooting process and everyone I got to hang out with that I don’t normally get to being from the east coast.