We first saw photos of this particular Lexus LS460 on Aimgain’s Instagram page about a year ago and we remember it like it was just yesterday. It’s really hard to put said feeling into words but certain cars have a way of grabbing your attention and embedding themselves into your soul for a very long time. This particular LS460 being one of the said cars, and you’ll see exactly why in a few minutes.



After arriving at the AIMGAIN headquarters in Hiroshima we briefly mentioned our fascination with this particular LS460. Simply put, their response was something along the lines of “Would you like to shoot it for StanceNation?”.. What did you think our response was?


The very next day we found ourselves driving down to Yamaguchi prefecture to visit K’s Produce shop and check out this car we are so obsessed with.



This big body Lex is laid out on a custom air suspension setup however we don’t recall the car airing up much at all on our drive down to the shoot location. Granted, the roads in Japan are much better than they are in the US for the most part. The roads in the countryside of Japan can be a little rough but it’s still not as bad as US and rest of the world..



As you might have assumed, the car features a complete AIMGAIN VIP kit as well as AIMGAIN VIP GT overfenders, which required some modification to work with the older body style.



Some of you might be asking “What kind of wheels are those?”. They’re also made by Aimgain and go by the name of GVS. As far as we know, there is only a couple of sets of these stateside for some reason.




Some dope art under the hood never hurts!



We’ll leave you with a couple more shots of this beauty. During out trip to K’s Produce we also shot their Lexus GS which you can expect to see in the next few days so make sure you come back!