H2Oi 2016 Official After Movie // Stance Nation.

The video you’ve been waiting for! My favorite film I create every year from the best week I have with my best friends every year. This years H2Oi Official After Movie brings it back to the roots of long format and vlog style interaction with everyone. This year we spent 5 days down in Ocean City Maryland and as you will see again the event lived up to its name. Now yes it wasn’t a hurricane like last year but rain is rain and it still doesn’t get along well with camera gear. Non the less I got out there and filmed as much as I could throughout the difficult conditions and at the same time got to meet and unbelievable amount of you guys! To be honest it felt like I was at home. Everywhere I drove there was always someone yelling “HEY KRISPY” from the sidewalk or passing car. I held a small under glow meet for a scene in the film, which you will see, and so many of you guys showed up to show love. I held a small meet up before the last day and again there was a crowd of new faces around me and I could’ve never imagined even 1 person coming up to me a few years ago. So thank you all so much for that. I create these films not only for myself to remember this amazing weekend and practice my skills, but to allow everyone who was there to re-experience it and everyone who cant be to see everything that goes down. So much happened in that short span of time down in that small beach town but I’ve done my best to compile everything I captured to share with you. I hope you enjoy this years After Movie for H2Oi and I hope I see you all down there in October. If you enjoy this film please share it with your friends or pick up a poster or sticker!