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    Help with tire selection

    Need to buy 2 new rears for my G35 cpe & was wondering would a 245/35 work. If so, what should I run on the front. Maybe a 225/35 or 215/35?
    My setup now (5zigen SC3000) w/ Tanabe DF210 (1.7, 1.4), rolled fenders
    Front Specs: 19x8.5 +5 offset 245/35/19
    Rear Specs: 19x9.5 +5 offset 275/30/19
    Front Specs: 19x8.5 +5 offset 215/35/19
    Rear Specs: 19x9.5 +5 offset 245/35/19

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    Re: Help with tire selection

    Use this calculator so you can see how you new size compares to your old: ... reMath.jsp

    I would move your front tires to the rear and put some 215/35-19 on the front and when those rears wear out put some 245/30 or 255/30 in back. Those are smaller diameter, so they may not fill out the wheel well that good. If that's the case try some 225/40-19 in front with 255/35-19 in back. Ebay is your friend for used tires to figure sizes out. Then you can spend your money on good new tires when everything is to your liking.
    2005 PONTIAC GTO, FTI TH400 w/transbrake, FTI 5000 stall, WCCH stage 2 317 heads, Comp 921's, 255/263 .632/.632 on a 110 lsa cam, forged ironblock 10.3:1 410", ported Super Vic w/ nitrous spraybar, carbon fiber intake tube, 1 3/4" headers, Hendrix Big Shafts and Stubs, Truetrac diff. BC Coilovers w/ 8k/10k springs.

    11.5004 @ 118.80mph with 4200ft DA. Corrected 11.027 @ 123.44mph for sea level.

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    Re: Help with tire selection

    thnx for the advice & the calculator. think i'm going with the 225/35 f & move the 245/35 to rear 1st. the 275/30 on my rears were rubbing so i had to camber them in all the way to clear.



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