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    Need advice on fitment

    Hey guys, need some help on fitment, currently running OZ futura 18x8 and 18x9

    1. Right now I'm half an inch away from the plastic lining on the front wheelwells, if I lower some more, the lining would sit on top of the tire... still thinking how I can fix that.

    2. As of now, I just had fenders rolled and knocked, I might be able to add more camber on the rear with the shim to allow me to drop it lower, but since I cant drop the fronts anymore as of yet, the back will sit lower.

    Would adding some camber like -1 front and rear help? how's the tire wear on -1 camber? Also what can I do about that plastic liner. Last, should I run my coilovers on full stiff? Got some major slicing today on the freeway, but only on the rear rimguards, thats still safe right?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    Anyway here are my fitment pix



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    Re: Need advice on fitment

    youll need to remove your fender liner. it sucks to think about but you need to do that with bigger rims. my friend had to do that to his SC300 with 19 BBSs

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    Re: Need advice on fitment

    Thanks for the advice, yeah will remove the liner this weekend so I can lower it somemore



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