Hey everyone! I'm starting a Nor Cal chapter of a more So Cal based club called the "West Coast Euro Club"

Who is invited to be in the club?
Anyone who has a european car or who likes european cars.

When and where do we meet?
Still needs to be decided but so far it looks like a good idea for the majority of the members would be at the Palladio movie theatre in Folsom, every first saturday of the month. HERE (let me know what you think)

Since it is a new group it will start off small, so if you attend the meets don't be disappointed by the number of people who show up.

Once again it is a club for all european cars (not just bmw's) so invite your friends, or anyone you see around town with a european car.

Here are two links you should look at

To get your WCE decal just join the WCE forum and make an introductory thread. An admin will most likely post in your thread and ask him for a decal.

West Coast Euro Forum

Facebook Group

Heres a pic of the WCE decal