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    Quote Originally Posted by teesulike View Post
    That does it! I'm trading in my crappy Caravan and getting a Sienna! I was thinking about getting the Honda Odessy (sp.), but forget that now. Autotrader here I come!
    LOL glad you decide to make the change!! either way tho even the Odyssey is really nice bro... Keep us posted!

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    Hey Cape, thanks for all of your help in getting my Megan Racing Coilovers installed. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but well worth every penny! What a difference in the ride vs. stock XLE. For anyone out there interested in better handling, dollar for dollar, this is it! I'll try to publish a more detailed review from my perspective; that just of a regular guy looking for better performance.

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    Just posted this on Sienna Chat. Probably a little less relevant here, but wanted to bring it to anybody's attention considering the Megan coil overs:

    Hey everyone, thanks to Sienna superheroes like Cape97, I decided to go with the Megan Racing coilovers. My purpose isn't to really cover new ground since plenty of good stuff has already been written about it, but just wanted to give my individual perspective for anyone considering this mod.

    Megan Racing Coilovers from a Regular Guy's Perspective

    A little background: I've had various German sedans and sport vehicles for over 20 years, and when I decided to trade in my previous one for a 2013 Sienna XLE, it was done out of sheer practicality for the kids. Naturally, I wasn't expecting to be able to pass anyone on the outer lane of a freeway onramp anymore, but just how ABYSMAL the handling was on the stock XLE, I was NOT prepared for. (We got the XLE for the various amenities that the SE didn't offer, such as leather upholstery).

    To adequately give you my impressions of the Megan Racing coilovers, I think it's useful to first describe how I felt driving the stock XLE, because when I originally bought it, the thought never even entered my mind to modify it in any way -- I wasn't looking to impress anyone or turn it into a race car (since it obviously can't become one anyway).

    The stock XLE at low speeds, turning corners in a residential neighborhood for instance - felt lumbering and awkward, like pushing a grocery cart that always wants to go in one direction. And sag in that same direction.
    The Megan's at low speeds - immediately feel like you're just pointing in the direction you want to go, making for a much more relaxing experience.

    The stock XLE at medium speeds, for instance on a slightly winding rural road - the body roll was just incredible, and just felt like the inertia wanted to carry me into the curb, or a ditch, or a median, with wicked understeer.
    The Megan's at medium speeds - body roll virtually nonexistent, yet not a harsh ride whatsoever (my damper's set at 14 I believe). The tracking is solid - you almost forget you're driving a minivan, and you can place your vehicle exactly where you want to with precision. The XLE before didn't track the road at all -- you had to stay on it like a wild horse.

    The stock XLE for mountain driving, curves and switchbacks - downright stressful in my opinion, for the reasons mentioned above, only more pronounced because when the vehicle is interacting with the road as much as it is in mountain driving, you're constantly compensating and recompensating for all of the variables the road throws at you, which are amplified with the XLE's sloppy handling.
    The Megan's for mountain driving - fun! While I don't plan on pushing it to the limit, and yes, you still of course feel all of that weight and inertia behind you, I quickly settled in to a rhythm of what to expect, because the Megan's literally smooth out the bumps, the transitions, and the inertia. You're not playing this constant guessing game of what the car is going to do next.

    The stock XLE for highway driving - not bad in some respects (smooth, quiet), but any little bump or dip, or even a gust of wind, jostles the car and you feel like you're going to be sent into the next lane. And here again, road tracking was horrible. My wife especially hated driving the Sienna for this reason. I think she'll have a change of heart now.
    The Megan's for highway driving - well, I'll never be the fastest guy on the road, nor do I want to be, but now I can safely say (both figuratively and literally) that the Sienna can hold its own in tricky situations with lot's of traffic. I can "thread the needle" when necessary, safely change lanes between vehicles in tight formation whether accelerating or decelerating with no surprises (again with that vicious body roll eliminated), and when there is no traffic and I'm just cruising, it's downright relaxing driving on the freeway. I never thought it would actually be fun to drive a minivan!

    All that said, as others have said, don't expect that the Megan coilovers are going to change the laws of physics for you. They're not going to change a 2 ton van with a long wheelbase into a nimble sports car, but they do help immensely. For anyone out there like me, who isn't striving for performance or looks necessarily (although it improves both), but is disappointed or resigned to the crappy handling characteristics of their non-SE Sienna, then I'd say this is the best money you could possibly spend. I dropped a little over 850 for the kit, and am embarrassed to say what I paid for the install (because I think I got a little hosed, but at least it was with an installer who knew what they were doing). You should be able to get a competent installer to do it anywhere between $250 and $400. I wouldn't take it down to the local Midas shop, but on the other hand, it's not custom either. My installer said he had to shorten the end link on the sway bar; but others on this board have said no such mods are necessary.

    One other note, when I first looked into doing this (around April 2013), it didn't seem like there was much info out there as far as whether this kit fit a non-SE Sienna, and at that time, Megan Racing would only vouch for the SE (much as I tried to squeeze any info out of them). It only seemed logical that since the SE suspension can be put onto non-SE models, that the Megan kit could be as well. It wasn't until I came upon Cape97's thread that I felt totally convinced that this was the case, but after pulling the trigger, I couldn't be happier, even though my installer claimed he had to do a little fabrication. I can't guarantee what your experience will be like, but I have absolutely no regrets.

    One last thing; this mod will drop your ride pretty low. That may be good or bad from your perspective; for me, I think it looks cool, but I honestly wish the van sat just an inch higher or so now; at its highest setting, which I have it at, the van's front air dam bottom plastic thingy, and rear mud flaps, both sit about 4 inches off the ground, most of the undercarriage I'd estimate at about 6-7 inches, side panels just under 7 inches, and gap between tires and fenders (vertical, not diagonal, as tires still sit in comfortably from fenders) is just about 2 inches. I've only started driving with this setup a couple of days ago, and haven't had any problems yet, but I'm afraid I'm going to scrape on something eventually. From what I understand, the achilles heal in this setup is the rear springs (my installer originally tried to get me to go with the stock XLE springs until I complained), so the height is limited by them. I'm pretty sure I can get the spring seat (?not sure that's the part) raised with a little fabrication, probably a couple hundred $, which would then get me higher, and I could still go lower to what it is now, just by lowering the height settings of the shocks. The front, from what I understand, could be adjusted to whatever length. At some point, I may look into this, but like I say, so far that hasn't been a problem.

    That's about it! You don't have to desire a show car to benefit greatly from these coilovers, in my opinion. Once again, thanks to Cape97 for blazing the trail on this.

    P.S. - Now I CAN pass someone on the outside freeway ramp!




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