Hey there!

Im in the process of picking tires for my 1992 MR2 Turbo. The average MR2 owner runs a 17x7F/8R or 178F/9R. Ive got a set of 17x9F and 18x9.5R.

Theres a pair of 255/35/18s Im already going to mount this upcoming week, but I cant decide on the fronts. Im debating between a 215/40 or a 235/40. 225/45 is too tall and 225/40=impossible to find without $$$$$$$.

Theres about 1.25" of poke, with the wheel being 17x9+42 w/ 30mm spacer, = +12 effectively. The pictures show zero camber adjustment, but that will be taken care of after I get camber plates and crash bolts. -3 to -5 is what Im planning on running. 215/40/17 i know for a fact will work fine, but with the 255 in the rear, Id prefer a bit of balance and run the 235 in front for less of a stagger.

I need to run the spacer to clear my coils, so +12 is where Im at. Ive seen Fed 595s go for like $100 a pair, in 235/40/17, but I heard they don't stretch as much as some other brands. The only other tire Im considering is the FK452 in terms of 235 tires. That or General Exclain UHPs, cuz I know they stretch pretty well for being pretty good tires.

Id like to see some pics of 235/40/17 on 17x9, with a decent/mild stretch. Please state brand also, so I can tell which brand stretches more than others. Thanks!