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Nissan Skyline R31.

Sitting what appear to be SSR MS1's this R31 will have you wishing we had these babies here in the US. I am absolutely one of the biggest fans on the Classic Japanese cars, and if I would definitely add this car to my collection along with the classi...
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Radiused Fenders.

It's a trend that's been pretty big in Japan lately. What am I talking about? Well, take a look at the car below and tell me if you see anything trippy. You're looking at a 19"/20" combo by the way. You're raising the wheel arch higher as ...
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Jaxuar XJR – VIP Status.

Let's start off the weekend with something foreign. Not only is this car pretty rare itself, but seeing one done up like this is just impossible to find in US. So, for that we have to take you to Japan today, all day long. The super mean looking line...