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Clean MK2’s

Growing up in Europe in the late 80's and early 90's this was the car I first fell in love with. Right before leaving Europe in the mid 90's I saw that some people were starting to get in on the fitment game with these cars. It wasn't as extreme as s...
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Matte Black FD!

Matte Black vinyl wrap, the crazy concaved Takata Green Volk TE37's Rota Grids make this monster look deadly. Definitely a good way to start off a day if you ask me. ...
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Mazda RX8 on Work Meisters.

I think that the lack of aggressive fitment in the RX8 world is making me appreciate this one even more. I would personally go another inch down just cause I'm all about crazy low, but I can't really complain about the way this one sits. 17x10 & 17x9...
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Noblesse Fit

This particular demo car has been around for well over 2 years now but it's still one of the cleanest Fit's, in my opinion. Noblesse Lux Type Aero kit, custom made FRP fenders and sitting on these mean looking 18" Garson wheels no wonder this Fit sti...