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Limitless Motorsports Vip GS.

The first time I saw this thing was when I was getting my coilovers installed down at Limitless Motorsports! It was just sitting on the side of the road, like any other car. Alex and Shane were the two of the most down to earth guys I've ever met. I ...
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Fitted Mini

Its not all that often that you see modded Mini Cooper's, and even less involved in the "Stance" world. This Mini is doing its part to change the game for the Cooper scene. The owner of the car, Chase, is no beginner to being low. Coming from a super...
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That one RX8 is back!

Matthew is one of the biggest wheel whores I've ever seen! This dude changes his rims out every month, but I love it! I've posted his car here before with several other setups, and now he is back again with Takata Green CE28. I am still undecided if ...
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IS350 facelift..keeping it clean!

This IS350 was featured here before on Stance:Nation rocking a full Vertex Digna kit, now times have changed and is now rocking a full Wald Executive kit, with a molded rear wing to the trunk. I had the opportunity to shoot my homie Droth's IS from ...