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Dumped Corrado on BBS’s.

It has been months since I've seen a Corrado out on the streets. These cars are pretty damn rare if you ask me and seeing one done up as clean as this one is really a pleasure. Check out the shaved bay and all the polished goodies, including the sick...
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Conservative, yet sexy VW CC

Easily one of the most classy looking cars VW has ever made. It resembles the Mercedes CLS so much, yet I wouldn't call it a rip off. Rocking some sick DPE SP-18 in step lip 20x9 F & 20x9.5 R matte clear brushed aluminum center. (more&he...
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Beautiful & Wide S2000

This has got to be one of my favorite S2K's out there. S2kJay really stepped his game up with this one. No extreme camber, stretch, none of that. Just a simply clean done Honda S2000. (more…)...