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Gabe’s S14 RIP

Who remembers this beastly S14? Yeah, that was the shoot he did with his boy Milton back when Milton owned the SC, but unfortunately due to idiots out there on the streets, the S14 is no more. Thankfully Gabe made it, but it was a close call ...
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Why we should respect our elders.

When I was a child, I was regularly admonished to “respect your elders.” I had to respect them because they took care of me, gave me guidance when I had no direction of my own, and, I feared, could discipline me for refusing to bend to their will. Wi...
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S2000 Addiction.

I have been in love with S2K's ever since I laid my eyes on them years and years ago. You would think that for a body style that is almost over a decade old, it would get boring to look at, but no, hell no. As far as I'm concerned S2000's still hold ...