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Below Sea Level!!!

So over the weekend my photographer friend Casey Withers ( took shots of Micheal Johnson's 2003 VIP Styled Acura TL Type-S. Most VIP followers know that this is not a common VIP platform, but who says you cant "VIP style" it?! ...
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Proper Subbie on 16’s.

Check out this clean 2.5RS! At first I thought the wheels looked a tad too small, but now I love it. Shane really did this Subbie right, so props to him for that. What do yo guys think, especially Subbie owners, about the 16's? Here are the wh...
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Team Instant Party

Just saw Justin post this up on MotorMavens and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Team Instant Party is from Seattle, WA and they're definitely doing it right.