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One bad Lexus SC!!!

In case you've not seen this beauty by now, here is some pictures. Laying on the damn ground, this SC doesn't play around. The CCW Classics compliment the car so well, I don't know if any other rims would suit this particular car better. Good way to ...
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Sexy Cressida Wagon

I first saw this car down at 1of1 in Long Beach, and instantly fell in love with it. Our photographer Aimee Albino happened to be covering the Toyotafest in SoCal couple days ago and guess what popped up? That's right, the ol' Cressy Wagon is back. H...
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Daily Grind.

Meet Ricky's STI. Not quite stanced to what we usually post up here, but it's sick in it's own way! I had the pleasure of shooting this, and after being around the subie.. I am tempted to trade my 20th AE for it. RWD Swap! Audi 9s pokes 18x8...