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Utah Street Sweeper!

Sitting very freaking low, this has got to be my favorite Subbie Wagon at the moment. Wagon's are definitely stepping they fitment game up. 18x9.5 (et.38) Work emotion Cr-Kai's Bc Racing inverted coilovers w/ 10k/8k springs. (more&hel...
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VIP or Overkill?

There is a big debate on SpeedHunters about this particular car. Some claim it's a perfect example of a VIP car, some say it's an overkill. I personally wouldn't call it an overkill...just not a true VIP! What is your opinion? This Crown is stra...
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Let’s get this party started !

All the way live from WA. Morgan's tastefully stanced mk3 Jetta on Borbets. It's not always about who's poking the most, or busting the most oil pans ! This car IMO pulls the stance off nicely, and is a pretty sweet daily driver; props to you Mor...