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Hella Poke on a S2K!

This is just so beautiful. Coming to you from Ontario, Canada this Honda S2000 is on a mission. I'm not the biggest fan of crazy poke but some cars can pull it off such as this one. Make sure you click Read More for more pictures. (...
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VIP’d Out Audi A8

So if you're not on our Facebook page by now you should be. Send us a friend request, we'll update you right away the second we post something. You can also hit us up if you have a stanced car and think it's worth being featured here. That's what Chr...
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Mazda //Scraping\\ Miata!

If you've not heard of SlamBurglars by now, you're missing out. Make sure you check them out, here is a sample of what you missed out on. This Miata is just crazzzzzzy! Credits: SlamBurglars Will Cotter & KinodCollectme...