Drift Car Toyota Chaser (2)

The Dream Chaser.

We all have dream cars.  When we’re kids there are posters of Ferraris or Lamborghinis tacked up to our walls, or even Camaros, depending where you’re from or what you're into.  When I was a kid I really wanted an 18-wheeler --- I changed a bit; ... Read More...

Tandem Of Die.

Let's paint the picture to one of the most exciting and sleepless weeks to ever happen in my life. It's midnight and I just landed in Medford, Oregon, a small town just a few hours north of the Oregon and California border. The weather is invitin... Read More...


Our photo/video guru Dax Rodriguez and his friend Jimmie Baxter paid a visit to XDC/HIN few days ago and they just put out this awesome video for us to see. This was the return of Hot Import Nights of course and first & second rounds of XDC. It was... Read More...