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Clean & Sharp TSX

We've had a thing for this particular TSX for quite some time now. It belongs to Patrick out of Pearl City, Hawaii and if we may add, it's looking quite attractive. Not too long ago, our friend Mark Vallejo caught up with Pat and took a couple awesom...
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Rolling Shot.

A good friend and photographer of ours (Quan Duong) has been pumping out some incredible work lately, and this image is up there with the best. If you would like to see more of this low & wide Z, just click here. It's sitting on Weds Kranze ERM in 18...
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You know the saying "I would give my right...for it"? Well that's exactly what we would do in this case. Even with the body literally sitting on the tires, we're told that the car is on coilovers and actually gets driven hard. If the pictures look fa...