600 RWHP Aggressive Stance Toyota Supra (1)

Wide Swedish Beast.

I think it's safe to say that every project car will hit a few road blocks before being complete. Most enthusiast face common issues like unexpected part failure, lengthy part sourcing, shipping delays and the most common issue of all, being low on f... Read More...
Stanced & Turbo Honda S2000 (1)

400+ HP Stunner.

If you're a follower of us on our facebook fanpage you'll probably remember seeing this car. Every time we posted a photo of it, it received nothing but positive feedback with a ton of our fans asking to see more of it. Thankfully we were able to... Read More...
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Simple Swedish Mugen!

Back in 2008, Japan decided it would be a good idea to do a limited run of Mugen Civic Si's. Only 1000 of them were shipped here to the states and today you're looking at number 748. What's even more amazing is that the car is currently in Sweden... Read More...