You all remember this dope Shuttle right? Last time we featured Abe-san’s Shuttle the responses we received were overwhelmingly positive and since our photographer Shota Mori happens to be really good friends with the owner, we figured you would like to see where the car is nowadays. It’s still got that clean & simple look going for it except the fitment is even more aggressive this time around! As with most cars that we feature from Japan, this thing rolls around with it’s frame less than an inch off the ground at all times and throws sparks on practically flat surface. Check out more photos below.

Photos By: Shota Mori exclusively for

Just as we told you, the new wheel setup is even more aggressive. Abe-sans old set up were a set of Work Equip 03′s in 15×8 & 15×9 with 165/45/15 and 165/50/15′s tires. New specs of the Hayashi Racing rims is 15×8.5 -6 in the front and 15×9.5 -19 in the rear wrapped in the same spec tires, 165/45/15 and 165/50/15′s. Check out that crazy stretch on the rear tires in the image below!

Make sure you check the very first feature we did on this thing by clicking here. We stronglry urge you to click the Read More button below as we have some nice rolling shots as well as a couple of Abe-San’s friends Hondas rolling extremely low throughout the streets of Japan! Until next time!