Here at StanceNation, a lot of our focus and attention is on the form of a car and how its wheels sit in respect to the fender, hence our name. However, we definitely give credit where it is due for those who push the limits and integrate function into the build. In my opinion, this is the epitome of that rare collusion between both worlds and its done flawlessly. Shuichi Nakagawa of Japan has showed us exactly that in this 180sx. Originally, the 180sx was not his first choice. Or his second. There wasn’t really a choice as he wanted anything that could drift. He tells us it was the classic  pop up headlights and the hatch style rear that won him – and, I’m sure, plenty of our readers over.



Altering the lines of the car is the renowned Rocket Bunny aero kit made by Muira-san. The bolted on fender flare with exposed rivets give the car a strict functional look which is contrasted by the playful array of sticker and vinyls that pepper the windows of this classic Nissan. Under the aforementioned fenders lie what is considered a timeless wheel, the classic Work Equips. Coming in at an impressive 18×11 and 18×12 in the fronts and rears, respectively, one can see why the Rocket Bunny’s flares are absolutely necessary. Getting the 11 inches in the front was no easy task, but with modifications of the inner fender and wheel housing, the wheel can actually hit full lock both ways. 326Power coilovers aid this car in achieving Nakagawa’s desired ride height.



The form of the kit is astounding. Personally, I love the look the bumperless rear. It lends to the raw all business feel of the car. Just by looking at the rear car, I could smell imaginary tire smoke as it would leave me in the dust, visualize it tearing up a track going lateral at the driver’s slightest whim. Performance was an important ideal in this build so situated underneath is the one-off diffuser designed by to reduce drag and increase down force. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?



The hand sign in the Rocket Bunny logo explains exactly how I feel about this car.


Gracing the rear side windows are custom panels built by who also customized portions of the frame and subframe. Such impressive work for a tuner shop. I absolutely love when a build transcends more than just a kit, basic suspension, and wheels. When a build moves from the basic common things, I believe it begins to reflect the characteristics and personality of the owner. It becomes an embodiment of what we stand for, what we love, and what we care about. Its like cars are the window to an enthusiast’s soul.


Nakagawa built this car with two things in mind. It needs to be drivable and must be engineered to go sideways. A custom surge tank prevents the fuel pump from being starved as the car begins its motions of the automotive horizontal tango.



Shuichi Nakagawa would like to extend his thanks for the help and support by his team and those at Feel free to remain impressed and in awe by this unique build and by the beautiful shots provided by Mark Kawaguchi!



Stretched onto the front and rear rims are 245/35/18 Federal RS-R and 265/35/18 Nexens respectively.





326Power Coilovers
front/rear subframe full customization by Quo.Net
mainframe sliced and raised up by 2 centimeters
Spot welding
front tire houseing cycle fender full customization
raised fuel lines
Work Equips 18×11 w/245/35/18 Federal RS-R
Work Equips 18×12 w/275/35/18 Nexen

rocket bunny aero kit shortened by 4 centimeters
rear diffuser one-off custom by Quo.Net

Bride Full Bucket Seat
Safety 21 8 point rollcage
Quo.Net one-off custom rear panel
ATL safety tank
increased interior frame

Full tune 350 horsepower
Computer: F-CON V Pro
Tomei CTS Turbo
Surge Tank: One-off by Quo.Net
Altrack Exhaust Manifold
Transmission swapped with R33 Transmission