We’ve been meaning to show you Dave’s Jetta Coupe for a couple of weeks now but our hectic schedules kind of set us back. If you’re expecting jaw dropping wheel fitment and ridiculous negative camber, you’ll be a bit disappointed. However, if you’re looking for an extremely clean older Euro than please by all means proceed. Dave purchased this beauty last year from the original owner with all the original brochures and paperwork. The car currently has over 270K original miles on the body and is Dave’s daily driver, all year long. He tells us that he typically puts about 300 miles a week on it while one of his “other” cars gets that “weekend car” title. What car you ask? A classic one of a kind Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor (which you can see here). Tonight though we’ll take a closer look at the Jetta.

Photos By: Jim Davis exclusively for StanceNation.com

This is Dave’s 5th MK2 that he has built. He has had pretty much everything, from a 16v, a 1.8t swap, 2 N/A vrs and even a 500 hp VRT. Each of those was fun in its own way he tells us but when he bought this particular Jetta he wanted something that was a mixture of all the ones he has owned in the past. As we said earlier, he puts over about 300 miles per week so he needed something that he could drive anywhere without having to worry about ripping off his oilpan or stripping gears like his previous VRT. You know, something that combined looks with functionality. However, power was always a “must have” for Dave, so he spend quite a bit of time under the hood of this sexy coupe.

The 2.9L VR motor is backed by 268 doherty racing cams, TT HD valve springs, Ported/gutted intake manifold, 10.5:1 compression and many other things such as a testpipe, headerback 2.5 in exhaust, borla muffler and southbend clutch. We can only imagine how fun it is to drive this beauty around. As far as future goes, Dave tells us that there is a lot rattling around in his head, but he is calling it a day for now. Besides, schooling and his other two cars eat up most of the money. A 54 Chevy and the Ford Mustang GT500 which we will show you more of on the bottom of this post. Make sure you click the Read More button below to check out more photos of both the Jetta and the Eleanor.

Jetta sits on mk3 VR plus suspension with Rokkor Tuning coilovers (which are just about done with). Dave also upgraded the seam welded control arms/poly bushings along with thicker sway bars and of course a Mason Tech skidplate. It sits on a set of Keskin KT1 wheels that were custom painted grey metallic with red pearl. They are 16×7.5 in a 195/40 yokohama s drive tires up front and 16×9 in a 205/40 yokohama prada spec 2 tires in the rear. Again, no crazy tire stretch or or seriously aggressive wheels but more of something that he can hammer turns in and just have fun in.

Exterior is painted painted BMW M3 Imola red and everything was completely shaven off. From your “banana lights” to the rear exhaust cutout/jackflap. Going a step further to achieve that “clean/fresh” look, Dave also color matched the mirrors & spoiler. It’s a small thing that only the real VW enthusiast would notice, yet it does wonders to the car. He finished the exterior off by adding a set of G60 flares in the front and rear. Again, another small mod that completely changed it’s appearance. The interior feature a full Recaro red stripe (front/rear) with 330mm Nardi torino wheel, Momo shift knob/boot & lastly black suede headliner/pillars.

When it comes to the Eleanor, you can read a bit about it over on our forums by clicking this link. We would like to thank our photographer Jim Davis for the awesome photos and of course Dave for doing such an incredible job with both rides. We’ll leave you with a few photos of his beautiful Eleanor.