A classic is something that can stand the test of time, being as current today as it was in yesteryear.  A classic car has the ability to grab attention of enthusiast both young and old, which Miro and the JSutai team have done with their BMW E30 M3.  The E30 in itself in pure stock form is a classic, from its boxed flared wheel arches in the front and rear,  that look just as good today as they did in 1988, to its ability to dance around a track, something that people still use them for in this day and age.   But how do you take a 1980s Bavarian marvel and make it relevant in 2013? Easy you keep it simple like JSutai has with their seamless build that blends elements of  multiple eras effortlessly.


“Transcend perceived boundaries, creating distinct, trend setting automotive designs that inspire and create new forms of self-expression.” is the motto that JSutai works by in all of their builds.  Miro purchased the E30 as a shop car to showcase and promote the skills and talents over at JSutai.  For those that didn’t know JSutai specializes in all types of exterior modifications and projects, ranging from things as small as wheel fitment to full-out builds.  Miro is nothing short of a perfectionist and carries that quality in everything he touches.


Clean and simple is the formula Miro used with his daily driven E30 and the execution is flawless.  I’ve seen this car throughout the 2013 show season and Miro has made changes to the BMW to keep it fresh, but this latest alteration seems to be the best yet.  The color way of the black on grey just works so well, it says enough without saying too much.  With a car as iconic as the E30 you don’t have to do too much to stand out from the crowd.


The custom-built BBS RS with slate grey faces, step lips and red pin stripping wrapped in Falken tires work so well together.  The black bolt faces and BBS center caps help to tie the entire package together, allowing the color way to flow and remain balanced with the rest of the build.  The attention to detail just draws you in with the wheel lips being a different shade than the wheel faces helping  to create depth as well.  The JSutai logo placed at the bottom of each door helps showcase not only their vinyl work but their keen eye and level of build quality.  It’s the small details that often get over looked that can help take a build to the very next level.


Miro dials in the fitment on the E30 with the help of BC coilovers that are fitted with custom springs and revalved struts, a must for any car if you want to keep your fenders clean and smooth.  To allow the car to be daily driven at this ride height statically, the Falken tires have been stretched slightly with a mild amount of negative camber in the front and rear.  Again a take of a modern trend on a classic car, but by not over-doing it the car maintains its mainstream appeal.


The Evo front lip and wing with carbon extended flap are tasteful additions to the build and bring some of the past into the present.  Once again small pieces that add to an overall picture of a clean and understated car.  You know the whole “sum is greater than the parts” methodology.


The interior is very clean, but what else would you expect from the mastermind known as Miro. Just like the exterior, the interior flows together, blending new with old.  One of the most refreshing things about classic cars are their simple interior layouts.  The Nardi classic steering wheel attached to a NRG quick release combination works well and fits the overall theme of the interior.  A custom suede shift boot was created to surround the TWM short shifter kit, that Miro uses to shift, while his BRIDE Zeta III keeps him planted while driving.


Miro sought out to create something that could be appreciated by all, something that has tons of appeal and could show off his creative talents.  But Miro has done more than that he has created a modern day classic. He took a blank canvas and created something timeless in an effortless way.  Miro has more in store for the E30 coming next year and we can’t wait to see if.  If you want to learn more about JSutai and contact them for your very own build, visit www.jsutai.com


1988 BMW M3

BC suspension with custom spring rates and revalving
BBS wheels – custom redesigned and refinished
Falken tires

Evo front lip
VAC brakes ducts
VAC front block off plates
European grill
Windshield wiper delete
Evo wing with extended carbon flap
Sparco strut bar

Bride seat TWM short shifter
TWM competition shifter
NRG quick release hub
Nardi steering wheel
Custom suede shift boot and e-brake boot

SuperSprint full exhaust
K&N air filter