Before anything, please make sure read the first part of this feature by clicking here. On this eventful Monday morning we’re going to take you back to Hawaii and show you yet another beastly ride. No, it may not be the lowest car out there but by the time you’re done reading this feature we guarantee that you’ll be impressed with it. This is Rawsoul’s “other” car, a ’91 Turbo MK3 Supra sitting on SSR’s and pushing 400+HP@10PSI at the wheels. He built the car around drifting, (which he used to do a lot of before Oahu’s race tracks closed) but it now serves purpose as a daily beater. We are extremely jealous and wish that we could spend time behind the wheels of either one of his Supras. Take a look at this sexy boosted MK3 and let us all know how you feel about it below!

Photos by: Jeffrey & Mikal Soriano

Rawsoul purchased the car in Southern California from the original owner and had it imported to the island. His coilover choice was the JIC FLT-A2 along with tie bars and ST sway bars. This gorgeous Toyota Supra is sitting on matte black SSR Type F wheels in 18×9.5 up front and 18×11 rears. We don’t know too much about MK3’s but 11″ wide wheels on the back of any car is pretty damn sweet!

Because the MK3’s response and torque suit his driving style a lot more then his MK4, it gets driven way more. Under the hood you’ll be able to see things like the 7mgte, t61 turbo, toda 272 cams, aem cam gears, arp headstuds, hks intercooler, dual blitz bov, bic divorce downpipe, ESH custom 4” exhaust pipe, apexi safc and boost controller, and a ton of other things. This beast MOVES, and it moves well! Make sure you hit the Read More button below for more awesome photos!

To think that it’s been 20+ years since the MK3’s first came out is just crazy! Rawsoul added an S2 carbon intercooler insert, HPF marker lenses and hatch visor to the outside. More importantly however, to refresh the exterior, Bomex lip & side skirts, and Godfather rear bumper were put on as well. Pretty mean looking all around if you ask us, especially that low front end.

Is it just us or does this not look like an interior of a 20 year old vehicle? Don’t forget that he is only the second owner of this thing. Safety 21 6pt. roll cage and pair of bride zeta 3 seats are just a couple of things that stand right out from the rest. Check out the steering wheel and other little details in the photos below! We are as amazed by this interior as we can be, how about yourself?

We will leave you with a couple more photos below, including this awesome rolling shot. Big shout out to Jeffrey and Mikal, and all of our Hawaiian fans out there. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Please don’t forget to like our facebook fan page located on top right side of your. We hope you are all spending time with your friends and family this Memorial Day. Until next time, Aloha friends!