Been a while since we had a van on StanceNation and I couldn’t think of a better one to share with you. What you are looking at is a Honda Elysion that my friend Takashi spotted recently at one of the events. It was built by a shop by the name of Peerless who not only sell others parts but also make their own. In order to achieve achieve the stance you see in front of you, Peerless had to create completely custom set of coilovers, shorten the knuckles, and exchange many of the suspension components such as upper arms and toe rods. I don’t have the exact numbers of how much camber this thing is running but it’s probably in the mid to high teens! The SUPER STAR LEONHARDIRITT Rasen wheels are 19×10 -16 up front and 19×12 -78 in the rear wrapped in 235/25/19 up front and 275/30/19. You read that right, 19×12 -78! Last but not least, it features customized Sterling Mac Blick front/side/rear bumpers, carbon hood, custom front and rear fenders amongst many other things. With that said, I know that this isn’t for everyone but at the same time cars like this are what make StanceNation different from others. We like to do things a bit different here from time to time. As always, click the thumbnails below for high-resolution photos. Big thanks to Takashi for making this spotlight happen!

Photos By: Takashi Fukui exclusively for