Today we’re taking you to a country we very much admire and love, Japan. This feature has been in the works for weeks now, not only because of the 5000+ miles that are between us but also the language barrier. What’s important is that we finally have just enough information and photos to share with you all, our awesome fans. You’re looking at Tetsuya’s 1991 Honda NSX that he tracks every chance he gets. Hard to believe that a car that’s over 20 years of age can still give run for the money to some of the best sports cars in this day of age, whether it’s form or function. If this Japanese icon doesn’t satisfy your “form & function” cravings, we seriously do not know what will.

Photos by: Tetsuya exclusively for

You won’t find much aftermarket stuff under the hood (err trunk rather) as Tetsuya seems to be pretty happy with the power and throttle response that came out of the box. He did do a couple of things such as adding a Fujitsubo exhaust manifold and some one-of Route KS piping. You can’t miss that Route KS Titanium single exhaust coming out of the rear end either. Hit the Read More button to see what we’re talking about. Check out this awesome shot above that Tetsuya himself took just for us!

If the above image doesn’t quite satisfy you and you want to take a closer look at the interior, hit the Read More button below. A clean set of SPARCO EVO×2 sweats never looked this good. We really still can’t get over the fact that this is a 20+ year old vehicle! For the suspension, Tetsuya went with the Buddy Club Racing Spec kit and mounted a set of Rays CE28N. Check out all of the specs below.

It’s sitting on Rays CE28N in 17×9 (offset +18 with a 15mm adapter) up front and 18×10.5 (offset +22 with a 15mm adapter) in the rear. Tetsuya also wrapped those sexy Volks in a set of Potenza RE-11 tires sized 215/40R17 and 255/35R18. Scroll down for some sick exterior shots that showcase the amazing Route KS widebody that this NSX is rocking. We’re talking a $7,000 + body kit that replaces literally every piece of the stock NSX body.

The kid is made by Route KS (out of Japan obviously) and is named “Madonna”. That’s right, Madonna! It widened the NSX about an inch on each side and has given it quite an angry look. Tetsuya didn’t just stop there however, he also added a Route KS rear wing and their extremely awesome dry carbon hood. Last but not least, GT-ROM Rear Diffuser was put on to set everything off just right. We really can’t thank Tetsuya enough for wanting to share his beautiful monster with rest of the world.

We would like to thank Tetsuya and our good friend Anju for making this feature possible. We know that a a few of you fitment guys may criticize the wheel gap on this ride, and as a “fitment site” we’re here to tell you that you can have a good looking ride even if it has a slight wheel gap. Drop a comment below and feel free to let Tetsuya know how you feel about his ride. He’ll be reading all of your comments!