Check this; after 15 years of the car’s production, Acura had sold only about 9,000 NSX’s. Pretty interesting to think that a car with mid-mounted V6 engine, aluminum body construction, solid build quality and top notch handling and all for under $30,000 at one point (1991) couldn’t move itself from the showroom floor. Or could it, and did Acura have a plan all along? We’re honestly not sure. This particular Acura NSX though, we’ve been seeing for years now it seems, and it just keeps getting better and better! We can only imagine how cleaner it looks with all the decals stripped off! Well anyway, Acura NSX is one car that will be remembered for decades and will always be brought up in discussions about great Japanese supercars. Here is a perfect example why we are so passionate about NSX’s.

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Credits: Dougboy 2010