A couple of weeks ago our photographer Shota-San headed down to western district of Niigata, Japan to visit this awesome car shop that goes by the name of 84Base. They specialize in everything Euro, from simple maintenance work to more advanced motor & transmission work. We will be taking a look at one of their shop cars here in the next couple of days which they were more than happy to show off! One of the cars that was parked in front of the shop however was Takeshi-San’s beautiful VW Golf MK2. Our photographer Shota-San didn’t waste any time and got to work right away!

Photos By: Shota Mori exclusively for StanceNation.com

He had Takeshi-San move the car up the street to get some photos for us. Takeshi-San was more than happy about it since he is actually a fan and a friend of ours. His “Wolfsburg Edition” MK2 is extremely clean especially considering the fact that it’s a couple of decades old. We love it!

It’s all about the OEM looks to many VW owners and Takeshi-San is no exception. No crazy fender work, no flashy grill, none of that. Everything is pretty original and in great shape including the interior. Hit the Read More button below for about a dozen or so more photos!

A Classoc Nardi wheel with gold spokes, aftermarket CD player and a custom shift knob is pretty much all that this thing is rocking on the inside yet it looks incredible & fresh! When converted from kilometers, it’s got about 134K miles as you can see by the photo below.

Gotta love the triple omoni gauges.

Nothing wrong with supporting others and showing love! Right?

Gotta love those freshly built aggressively fitted OZ Sport Wheels. Clean as hell, especially the gold plated bolts. Big ups to Takeshi-San for keeping it so classy!

As we said earlier, it’s an extremely clean car all around and it’s an honor to show it off on our site. We sure wish we had some specifications on those wheels, tires and coilovers but unfortunately Shota-San didn’t get a chance to write that down. Not a problem though if you ask us, pictures speak for themselves.

The day ended with everyone having a great time outside the shop. We will be showing you more of that white MK1 as well as a couple of other cars that 84Base guys have worked on in the next couple of days so stay tuned. Arigato to these awesome gentleman and look out for some VIP madness up next!