Wow, where do we even start with this one? First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone associated with this incredible event, especially the Liberty VIP crew & Luxury Abstract Wheels. Our friend Agi (one of the main guys responsible for making this event happen) hit us up little over a month ago about possibly presenting an award for “Best Tucked Fitment” at Black 2. As you may have guessed by now we just had to say yes, who would turn such an incredible opportunity down? Even with the not-so-great weather at times, the event was a huge success. What we loved about Black 2 in particular is the quality of every single one of the cars in attendance. The whole event was actually so incredible that we’ve decided to cover it in great detail and at full 1920px’s! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our talented photographer Ronaldo Stewart so huge shout out to him!

Photos By: Ronaldo Stewart exclusively for

As said earlier, regardless of the cloudy skies and even light rain showers, nothing slowed Black 2 down. Attendees from as far as Canada came out to show love and if you ask us the trip was worth every mile! Looking back at these pictures we’re actually getting that same feeling that we do when we cover the Japanese VIP events. Quality, quantity, uniqueness, variety, and plenty of incredible wheels.

In this coverage, we’ll be taking a look at some random photos as well as some up close and detailed shots of what makes this particular scene (VIP) so classy. Everything from wheels to interior and even trunk setups was being judged. We urge you to click the Read More button below as we have over 60 high quality photos to share with you. It will be well worth your time, and that’s a promise!

Tyrone’s GS is easily one of our favorites from the show. This thing had so much class it’s insane.

Reppin’ Liberty to the fullest!

Talk about classy, check out the trunk and back seat action!

We really loved the attention to detail under the hood as well.

Williams amazing Lexus SC is definitely our favorite SC stateside by far. From the incredible fitment to the amazing body work and interior, this thing screams “fresh as f*ck” all around!

Check out those sexy thick lips and hips!

Of course this famous Y33/Q45 belonging to our friend Jermaine Livingston had to show everyone how it’s done. To this date, the freshest Y33 stateside! Check out the amazing Weds Kranze Christna’s!

Simply stunning Lexus GS rocking some custom one off stuff in the front and tucking an amazing set of Luxury Abstract Admiror wheels. He is also reppin’ his crew Liberty VIP to the fullest!

Look at the detail of those wheels, Holy crap!

The homie Andre tucking hard with his dumped GS. He also won the “Best Tucked Fitment” award.

Of course, reppin’ Liberty with style!

Next to him was Jimmy with his camber loving Q. Looks like it’s still in the “making” but the wheels definitely made up for the not-so-nice looking rear fenders.

Check out the lippage on those incredible Work Equips!

This next GS needs no introduction. We’re loving the Seiken NKB wheels it’s rocking!

Next to it was a few slammed rides including an M45, GS, and an A8.

Who can forget the big bodied Lexus LS’?

This Toyota Previa reminded us very much of the older Japanese Van Scene. One of only a few proper VIP Style Previas stateside as far as we know.

This dumped Infiniti G37 really attracted a ton of attention. While it wasn’t really “VIP” or even “VIP inspired”, it held it’s own and sat extremely sexy. We’re digging those wheels too!

While we’re on the subject of non-vip, these two rides were sexy as hell!

Chris’ M45 killed it! Check out the amazing finish on his Luxury Abstract Wheels!

Luxury Abstract has been coming up with some amazing wheels lately. We wish them the best of luck, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll need any. Check out the amazing quality, presentation and originality of their wheels & make sure to click the photos for higher resolution.

Even the trophies had class. Check these babies out!

More trophies!

And a few more random shots…

Huge shout out once again to Liberty VIP, Luxury Abstract, Ronaldo Stewart and everyone that was associated with this incredible event. We’re looking forward to attending the next years event already!