There isn’t a better feeling than accomplishing that “something” you’ve dedicated so much of your time and money on. Whether it’s finally getting that degree you’ve worked so hard for, or opening your very first successful business. This stunning 22 years old BMW 325is belongs to a good friend of ours by the name of Wil Snyder. He enjoys cars, going to car shows and hanging out with his friends, but at the end of the day what he enjoys the most is working on his E30. Everything you are about to see was done by Wil himself, please allow us to show and explain to you. You’ll be inspired, to say the least.

Photos By: Emil Corpuz exclusively for

Where do we start!? How about that exterior? It was not only painted Misano Red by Will but he also did all the body work (including swapping the bulky chrome bumpers to the slimmer plastic bumpers and getting rid of the windshield washers and the antenna) all while he was just a senior in high school! Off to a good start, right? Click the Read More button to check out some more pictures!

Sitting Right:
CCW LM20 w/brush clear centers .
17×9.5(4″lip) front and 17×10.5(4.5″lip) rears.
215/40 up front and 245/35 out back.

Ground Control Coilovers w/front strut housings cut 2″
525lb front springs and 750lb rear springs | GC camber plates
Adjustable konis up front w/standard konis in the back.

Suspension? Tree House racing front control arm bushings, and every other bushing has been changed to polyurethane including the ball joints. Wil also upgraded to Suspension Technique sway bars both front and rear, and finished everything off with a RaceSkids 24v skid plate. He is well on his way to become a very talented Master Tech, so don’t think that this was some quick and sloppy garage job.

One of the better things about this car is what’s under that hood. The drive train was swapped from a 1998 Z3 M Roadster so the engine trans and diff’s are (3:23lsd). Motor is a S52 converted to OBD1, and if you don’t know what that is we suggest you head on over to your favorite search engine and do some quick research. The motor took four long days to put in, from dropping it in to turning the key!

Brakes? Believe it or not they’re still stock brakes, however the booster and master to a E34 M5 unit was changed to make room for the big motor up front. Wil also had to make a remote reservoir setup for everything to work. The interior is left mostly stock for now. Sparco steering wheel, some gauges to keep a eye on that motor and a quick diet (no carpet). We could literally go on for hours if we were to go in detail as to everything that was done to this thing. As if it’s not obvious, Wil is one talented dude, and it’s definitely a good feeling to see and hear about people like himself.

It’s an honor as always to showcase these rides, and we hope they inspire you guys out there sitting behind your computers to get your asses to the garage and put in some work on your rides. Treat our rides like you’d want to be treated. Big thanks to Wil as well as our awesome photographer Emil for the great pictures. If you’re on the islands and think your ride has what it takes to be on Stance:Nation, make sure you shoot us an email! Until next time, Aloha!

Photos By: Emil Corpuz exclusively for