We’ve been meaning to put this 2008 Civic Sedan Si up on our site for a while now but pumping out new features everyday can get a bit overwhelming at times. Owner Ryan Gold out of Southern California purchased his Civic with only 4 miles on the odometer, and for the longest time he was trying to decide whether to just mount a turbo on and daily his car, or doing what he fortunately ended up doing. Slammed, fitted & extremely sexy looking are the words we like to use to describe this Civic sedan. Our good friend Brendan met up with Ryan recently in Santa Barbara and this is what he captured.

Photos By: Brendan Bannister exclusively for StanceNation.com

Let’s start from from those sexy feet and work our way up. Work VS-XX sit in 17×9 all around wrapped in 205/40/17 tire on this sedan while the Buddy Club N coilovers help broung the car down to on the ground. Ryan also invested some more of his time getting the camber where he wants it with the help of Ingalls front camber bolts and Skunk2 rear camber arms. Lastly, he added a Megan rear tie bar to finish things off. We’re not sure about you but we would not mind daily driving this. Talk about being jealous!

Besides the fitment, where this car really shines for us is that whole rear end. The combination of Seibon CF rear diffuser on the FD2 rear bumper and OEM FD2 tail lights is just amazing. When Ryan added the Do-luck style VIS Ccarbon fiber JDM trunk to the car everything started making sense. It’s got that nice “JDM inspired” look going for it while at the same time retaining the “USDM” touch. It doesn’t stop there though as Ryan added plenty of other things to the outside that can barely be spotted but work magnificently. For example, smaller things like the S2000 side markers and the custom headlight projectors really do add a nice touch to the car while the more noticable things such as the Seibon CF hood and HFP front lip set the whole front end off. Hit the Read More button below.

Since Ryan initially wanted to go the “functional” route, he spent some time under that Seibon hood. There are list of things that were added such as injen CAI, p2r TB spacer and gaskets, cf password:jdm intake manifold cover, LSD catback, green sparkle valve cover, green egr block off plate, jdm mugen quick shifter, spoon reservoir covers, etc. It may not be the fastest thing out there but it can certainly move, to say the least. On the inside Ryan added a an aftermarket shift knob, Mugen mirror cover, broadway mirror, zebra pattern door inserts, he removed the rear seats entirely, megan racing lower c-pillar bar, Godspeed x brace, led map lights, DC5R recaros, takata harness and the list goes on.

“So what else is there to do”, we asked Ryan. His response, “I honestly couldn’t tell you. My car is a never ending project. Its always changing. Maybe go form & function route and work on the motor? But it is my daily so I can’t get too crazy”, was his response. Mind you, he emailed us over all the specs about a week ago though just last night he told us that his wheels are already for sale. With that said, if there is anyone interested feel free to drop a comment below with your email address and Ryan will get back to you. On that note we’ll wrap this feature up. Huge thanks to our friend Brandon Bannister from Third World Society for shooting the car for us and of course Ryan himself! You’ll be seeing more of this car in the near future!