There aren’t many cars out there that can pull off a Burgundy colored set of wheels with a polished lip and still look as good as Carlos 350Z. Keeping things fresh and separating yourself from the crowd is what it’s all about and this Z does just that. You may remember this car from our old feature where it was rocking these same DPE ST10 wheels, but not nearly as aggressive. Carlos is reppin’ the famous “Low N Slow” crew out of Southern California and it is our honor and privilege to share his stunning 350Z with all of our fans across the world.

Photos by: Rocky Wong exclusively for

One of the things we like the most about this 350Z is it’s ability to look aggressive as hell but at the same time show off it’s details and curves in a very pleasant way. When we asked Carlos why he chose to go with the Z, he told us that it was one of a very few cars that can look somewhat exotic with the right fitment and fit some seriously wide wheels under it’s fenders. As a matter of fact, he calls it a “Poor mans Porsche”. While we are at talking about fitting wide wheels, check out Carlos setup below! Want to take a wild guess on the specs?

Carlos recently completed his wheels where he went with the Burgundy face and polished lip look, which we absolutely love might we add. They were blacked out before with a carbon fiber lip. New specs are 19×11 up front with 235/35/19 tires and 19×12 in the rear with 255/35/19 in 0 offset all around. In order to fit them like Carlos did, he had the rear fenders widened. And because he still wanted those stock sexy body lines of the Z, he opted out of simply pulling the fenders.

As much as we all love the ability of letting the air out and sitting this low, Carlos is one of those “Static” guys. That’s right, no bags here! Sitting pretty on a set of coilovers, this is Carlos daily driver and if you’re at any of the meets or shows in the Southern California there is a good chance you’ll see Carlos roll deep with rest of the Low N Slow family. Mind you, Low N Slow isn’t a car “club”, but rather a “crew” that consists of several down to earth car guys whom we happen to know personally. Well, most of them that is. In the near future well be showing you some of their cars!

So now that he has such an incredible fitment on the lock, what’s up next for Carlos? He tells us that a completely new paint job should be on it’s way this coming summer and to put that finishing touch to the Z, he will be going with a Big Brake Kit very soon. Under the hood the car is pretty much stock at the moment, but Carlos has plans on mounting up some kind of supercharger for that extra kick! We’re seriously just as excited about it as Carlos is!

With all that said, we’ll leave you with a couple more awesome shots that our talented photographer Rocky Wong captured. We also want to thank Carlos for his time and making this shoot happen right away. Lastly, big shout out to all of our Low N Slow homies, keep doing the damn things!

Photos by: Rocky Wong exclusively for