If you haven’t heard of No Pokemon Shit before, you’ve missed out on some great looking cars. We actually first posted about them a couple months back, just search the site and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Well, looks like yet another clean ride from the NPS crew is here. Super clean ’93 VW VR6 and oh do I love it! You honestly can never ever go wrong with RS’s and VW’s! This is why.

Sitting Right:
BBS RS 009 & 058
16×8 (-9) & 16×10 (11)
Toyo Proxes T1-R 195/40 & 215/40.

Still rocking the OEM bumpers, a nice little widening was done to the fenders to give it that wide-body look, but not go over the top. Thanks to Boser for the sleek new front end (badge-less grill) and the Boser hatch, this is easily one of my favorite MK3’s right now.

With that said, here is a couple more pictures, and if you’re intrigued as much as me by No Pokemon Shit, hit up their site. You can use the Google Translator, or try your luck with Finish! Click here!