I was just browsing Wrong Fitment Crew forums and ran on this bad boy. The owner Ty Nguyen is one lucky SOB. He is running custom staggered setup with his Vellano VSY’s with a black polished finish.

As beautiful as this thing is on the outside, the interior is decked out with TV’s in headrest and a nice & clean Alpine setup.

Well, that’s all you get for now, make sure to visit Mayday Garage for more pictures and a full write up on the car.
Modifications List:


Audi S-line Front Bumper
Audi S4 Rear Bumper
Reiger RearSpoiler


“Air Bag It” Air Setup

Vellano VSY’s F: 20″x9″ ET ? R: 20″x9″ ET ?
Toyo Proxy 4s F: 215 30 20 R: 235 30 20


Complete Focal Speaker / Amp Setup
Alpine TV setup
“Clean interior all the time”


APR Street Tune
AEW Exhaust
Sprint Booster, Drive by Wire Enhancement