Let’s be honest here, we would have been happy with only one of these cars, but the fellas from Next Mod decided to bring out three of their cars! Before going further we gotta give props to these guys. We’ve featured plenty of cars that came out of their shop and from what we hear they’re a bunch of great guys who do great business. If you’re in the Ontario, Canada area and need any car related stuff, we would definitely recommend hitting them up. We’ll provide you with links and their contact information on the bottom of this post. For now though, let’s take a closer look at these three beauties that our talented photographer Raymond Tran captured. We don’t do this often, but when we do it we do it out of honor and respect. Make sure you click the Read More button on the bottom of this post for more!

Photos By: Raymond Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com & NextMod.com

First up we’ll take a much closer look at Peter’s R35 GTR. Peter is the owner of Next Mod and as you can expect, his GTR is truly one of a kind. Don’t worry, that big wing on the back is definitely here for a reason as you’ll soon find out. We’re talking HKS GT570 upgrade kit and 21×13 rear wheels with ‎375/20/21 tire. We were in just as much awe when we first read those numbers as you may be right about now. We have about a dozen beautiful photos of this beast for you below.

This stunning S2000 is definitely a head turner. It belongs to Brian from Advance Powerhouse& Dyno and has quite a lot going for it. From the incredible AMUSE GT Widebody to a Custom (GT3076R) turbo kit. We’ll take a closer look at it below so make sure you click the Read More button below.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at this 2008 Honda Civic Si 4Door that has been transformed into an incredible machine. Just like the other 2 cars, this one is also a track junkie! Kevin spared no time swapping everything out from audio, to brakes, suspension, aero and of course plenty of “go-fast” mods under that hood. We urge you to hit that Read More button under the photo below for some seriously good stuff.

Where do we even start with this Godzilla? Having owned this beast for just 3 months, it’s spec list is pretty impressive. The HKS GT570 upgrade kit consists of things like an all new 75mm Racing Extension Pipes, Racing Center Pipe, a fully polished aluminum Intercooler Pipe Kit, JDM Spec Pre-programmed EVC, Pressure Release Computer and much more. Peter is also running a GTHaus Meisterschaft 90mm exhaust which will make the hair on your back stand straight up.

The The VOLTEX Type 5 GT Wing sits about 5.5″ wide on the back of that already wide rear end. Front end also features a Powerhouse Amuse Front Splitter which not only looks good but actually helps quite a lot with grips in corners as well as air flow to the brakes, thanks to it’s underneath design.

Suspension wide, a set of KW Coilovers is all that it’s rocking for now. That won’t last long though we have a feeling. One of the most impressive things about this GTR are it’s wheels. Peter not only wanted to push the envelope a bit, but he wanted to do it in style. That’s where ADV1 comes into picture. They set Peter up with their ADV10 Deep concave wheels in 21×10.5 (+38) & 295/25/21 tires up front and 21×13 (+34) & 375/20/21 tires in the rear! That’s plenty of contact patch, don’t you say? He finished the wheel off with a set of Volk Racing Formula lugs which look absolutely beautiful might we add.

Up next we have Brian’s amazing S2000. It’s far from all the Honda’s we usually share with you, but as you can see we definitely appreciate function. With things like custom turbo kit (GT3076R), Motec M400, APH spec drive by wire kit, GReddy intercooler and more, this bad boy begs to be driven hard every time the ignition keys are turned. The wheel fitment may not appear to be “aggressive”, but it definitely is. The AMUSE GT Widebody sits wide over those RAYS Volkracing CE28NF wheels in 18×10.5 (+15) all around. Brian wrapped them up in Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R (265/35/18) tires and finished them off with a set of Project kics lug nuts. Simply beautiful.

We can’t stop wondering just what your everyday people think they are looking at when Brian takes this bad boy out for a drive through Ontario. The AMUSE GT Widebody and APH spec VOLTEX rear wing definitely look like they belong in the latest Transforms sequel. When it came time for suspension, Ohlins DFV coilovers & Cusco sway bars (all around) went on, and Brian even upgraded to the APH spec AP racing big brake kit with Goodridge SS brake lines. The word incredible is truly an understatement. Check out some more photos below.

Last but not least we have this beautiful FA5 which belongs to Kevin. It may not be the “craziest” out of the three, but it’s spec list is by far the longest. As a matter of fact, it’s spec list is so long that we’ll have to break it down in several pieces for you. It’s pretty obvious just how much this Civic means to Kevin. Even if you take the amount of money that was invested in this build, the hours and hours of work that was put into this thing is just mind blowing. It sits on a set of Advan Racing RGII wheels in 18×9 all around with 225/40/18 Yokohama tires. Everything from JDM head & tail lights, Mugen spoiler, Ings front bumper down to the Recaro Racing seat, Alcon 4 pistion caliper and Greddy Ti-C Cat-Back exhaust screams authentic & quality. We’ll leave you with a full break down of all the mods below.

Advan Racing RGII Silver 18×9 29offset with Advan centre cap
Yokohama S Drive 225/40/18
Type R Vivid Blue peral
Project Kits 40 neo chrome wheel nuts
Ings Front bumper
Ings Rear bumper
Ings side skirt
JDM civic Headlight
JDM civic Tail light
JDM civic Fender
APR Canard
Spoon style carbon fiber trunk
Mugen style carbon fiber hood
Mugen style GT spoiler
Mugen style window visor
Carbon Fiber vinyl roof
Hella Horn

Defi Advance CR oil pressure gauge
Defi Advance CR oil temp gauge
Defi Advance CR water temp gauge
Mugen Si shift knob
Skunk 2 short shifter
Personal 335mm racing steering wheel
NRG short hub
NRG quick release
RECARO Pole Position racing seat
7″ double din DVD/MP3 player
MTX 4 channel amps
MTX 2 channel amps
Vibe 6″ speaker, tweeter with crossover (front & rear)
Energy 12″ subwoofer
Clarion equalizer

Brake & Supension:
Alcon 4 pistion caliper
Hawk HP+ brake pad (front & rear)
Racing Brake 2 piece brake rotor (front)
Goodrich stainless steel brake line
Motul RBF600 brake fluid

Skunk 2 Pro-C coilover
Ebiach 32mm front swaybar
Progress 22mm rear swaybar
Ultra Racing strut bar (front & rear)
Beaks lower tie bar
T1R rear camber arm
Ingalls front camber bolt

Injen cold air intake
Skunk 2 race header
Greddy Ti-C Cat-Back exhaust
Hondata Flash Pro
Apex-i ground kit
Ingalls torque damper
Skunk 2 Magentic engine oil & transmission oil dring plug
Optima Yellow top battery
JDM Red Valve cover cover

We gotta give a huge shout out to Next Mod for agreeing to share their awesome rides with us. Make sure to check their site out and like their fanpage when you get a chance. Tell them StanceNation sent you and we’re sure they will go out of their way to take care of you. Last but not least, we would like to thank our incredible photographer Raymond Tran for doing such an awesome job and managing to shoot all three cars in a matter of hours. We’ll leave you with one of our favorite pictures of Peter’s R35 GTR.