Seriously, this is one of the most incredible Hakosukas I’ve ever seen. It’s actually really simple at first glance, nothing about it screams for attention, until you get to that “over-the-top” fitment and drop! I mean, this kind of stance easily puts many VIP cars to shame. Even my friend Mark (photographer) who grew up in Japan said that he hasn’t seen anything like it. But don’t worry, it does get driven quite often. As you’ll see in the photos below the motor is quite work of art itself. Mark recently spotted this Hakosuka at an event he attended by the name of 昭和のCarにばる [read: “Showa no Car nibaru]. We will have the entire coverage for you coming up tomorrow so stick around for that.

Photos By: Mark Kawaguchi exclusively for


Unfortunately Mark wasn’t able to get any information on this car but after talking about it with me he promised that he will be on the lookout for the owner at future events! Hopefully we’ll get a full feature in the coming months.


As you see, the car certainly broke a ton of necks all day long.


As I mentioned before, the fitment on this thing is to die for. Plenty of rubber too..


Love how aggressive the whole car looks. Who would have thought that we would be drooling over these cars 40 + years after the were first built..


I’ll leave you here with a couple of photos of the motor. Be on the lookout for more of this car in the near future!