Most of us that saw the movie Hangover 2 caught a glimpse of that awesome white car in the chase scene, right? Well, this isn’t that particular vehicle but it is from Thailand and it is the same make & model! That’s right, it’s a Toyota Camry. This isn’t just any Camry though, you’re looking at true work of art. A build that took a whole lot of time, hard work and money just to satisfy the owner. Now we understand that not a lot of you are into the “VIP Style” and that’s understandable, but we sure as hell hope you can respect all the work that was put into this ride. We are just blown away at all the details!

Photos By: Kevin exclusively for

We get a lot of questions as to why anyone would ever put in so much time and money on a Camry, and our answer is pretty simple. In Thailand, your typical “VIP platform” vehicles are very expensive to not only purchase, but to maintain as well. In that case, what these guys do is get themselves a Camry or Accord. Much more affordable in every aspect, plus they are starting a trend of their own out there rather than following Japan like most. There may not be much that’s “original” out there nowadays, but the people of Thailand are definitely onto something and we’re just honored to show their talent off.

This Camry is rocking a ton of JOB DESIGN parts. From the full kit itself, to the full exhaust. The owner truly went all out on this one! The kit was put on with extreme attention to detail, there is no gaps or flaws to be found. We’re pretty damn sure that a lot of you OG VIP guys out there will have a ton of respect for this ride. Now, how many of you out there know who those wheels are made by?

They are actually made by Work, and are called the LS507’s! This particular set is fully polished and is 20×8.5 +26 up front and 20×9 +7 in the rear. Tires are 225/35/20 FALKEN FK452’s. Check out this close up shot of the fitment in the photo below and tell us if you ever expected to see it on a Camry! A well known shop from Thailand by the name of CAR DANCE took care of the air suspension and laid the car down just an inch or so off the ground! Click Read More for more photos!

We’ll just let these photos do the talking for us. Oh my god!

We’ll leave you with a few more shots and a big shout out to all of our Thailand fans. We can’t thank you enough for support and we’re very inspired & motivated by what you all are doing. We’ll have a lot more cars from the great country of Thailand, this is just the beginning! เรารักประเทศไทย