Clean.  The adjective is thrown around continuously by those in the automotive tuning literati.  It’s a positive descriptor, not that all of its slang-derived synonyms begin that way.  An awesome car can be “clean,” “nasty,”, “fresh,” “dirty,” or even “sick.”  For those not involved in this lifestyle, it can be difficult for them to figure out what we mean when a car is labeled as “clean.”  Consequently, it becomes more confusing depending on who they are asking.  This RX7 defines clean.  It’s fresh.  It’s nasty low.  It’s fly.  Throwin’ it back to the earlier years, it’s JDM.  (Seriously.  It is.)

Photos By: Hisashi Nishida exclusively for

The third-generation Mazda RX7 (FD3S) is simply a beautiful car, even in stock form.  It’s a shame warranty claims and lack of interest ended its stateside availability so quickly.  The Japanese were lucky enough to see late-model developments of the RX7, with Mazda incorporating minor body changes that are highly sought after in the other less fortunate countries.  Hisashi Nishida’s FD is one of those later models, a 2000 Type-RS to be exact.

Nishida hails from Kyoto Prefecture, Japan and since he took ownership of the vehicle in 2005 he has produced a wonderful specimen using a variety of high-quality parts in this build.  He says that it was the only vehicle he wanted, drawn to its compelling engine and beautiful exterior.  Being a Type-RS, the body pieces are already aggressive and tasteful so Nishida strayed away from aero-kits.  The only aftermarket components are the MazdaSpeed aero mirrors.  Bodywork, however, is extensive.  The flowing curves of the FD have been smoothed and shaved clean, removing the washer nozzles and the rear spoiler in order to accomplish a minimalist, simplified aesthetic.  The fenders front and rear were widened an inch, the mildly flared arches fitted tightly over a reverse-mounted set of BBS LMs, a sophisticated choice with the silver complimenting the immaculate white paint.

The cockpit has been fortified with a Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel and a Bride driver’s seat with a slew of Defi-Link gauges present to monitor vitals.  The rest of the interior is factory issue, keeping with the “less-is-more” theme of the vehicle.

The roads in Kyoto must be smooth.  Or maybe he never drives it.  Or he possesses the proverbial “mad skillz” necessary for keeping the vehicle intact.  Whatever the reasoning may be — this RX7 is hammered.  The FD’s lines lend itself to the slammed look in a major way, the low roofline and wide curves look excellent nestled close to the ground.  Hisashi’s decadent ride-height comes courtesy of a set of A’PEX Integration coilovers fitted with custom Swift springs.  Static height is accomplished via a trick pulled from the VIP playbook; the spring rates are incredibly stiff, measuring in at 22k/20k respectively.

The factory 2-rotor has been lightly breathed-upon by a few of the best brands in Japanese tuning culture.  A Knight Sports V-mounted intercooler setup cools the compressed air while maintaining flow across the radiator, as cooling is one of the most important factors in maintaining turbocharged rotaries.  A variety of other airflow modifications from Knight Sports and HKS  produce a claimed 330hp, with an Exedy Hyper Single clutch controlling its path to the rear wheels.

I realize I probably used several cliché terms frequently throughout this segment, and that’s fine.  The meaning of those words can become negligible at some times, and they require elaboration.  Perhaps it wasn’t the words that were describing the car in this case – but the car that was helping to define them.  Regardless, the next time we get asked what it means for a car to be “clean”– this one definitely makes a great example.

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]BBS LM Reverse Mounted // 18×9 -15  |  18×10 -10
Nankang NS2  215/35R18  | 225/35R18
Apexi N1 Dumper Pro Coilovers
Swift Short Spring F22k R20k
Supernow Tierodend
Supernow Toe Control Link
Supernow LowerArm & Camber Balljoint F and R[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Widened 1 inch F and R.
Mazda 99spec Front Bumper
Mazda Stock Side Skirt
Mazda Stock Rear Bumper
Mazdaspeed Aero Mirror
Smoothed and Removed:
Rear Spoiler, Washer Nozzle, Radio Antenna, Fender marker & Rear Mudguards.
Aftermarket LED Bulbs & custom LED tail lamps[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Interior” active=”false”]BRIDE VIOS3 Bucket seat
MAZDASPEED Carbon Shift-knob
Defi Defi-Link Meter /Water temp/Oil teml/Oil press/Turbo/[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Engine” active=”false”]Apexi Power-FC Computer
Knight-Sport EBS4 Boost Controler
Knight-Sport V-mount Intercooler and Radiator System
HKS Racing Suction Intake
EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch
EXEDY Lightweight Flywheel
FEED Front pipe
SARD Sports Catalyzer
BuddyClub Racing Spec Muffer Spec 2