Guess who’s back? For those who aren’t familiar with the name Stevie Phamo, we strongly urge you to check out the previous feature we did on him last year. He is now back with yet another car that will put Texas on the map and make you question just if you are low enough. Hell, it may even make you consider buying a CRX for yourself. We’re talking far more then just a proper set of wheels and an aggressive stance, this thing is flawless all around. Every corner, every angle and every inch. It’s always an honor to show off Stevie’s cars to you as both of his cars will make many Honda owners proud.

Photos By: Robert Tran exclusively for

Starting up front, Stevie did a complete JDM front end conversion. We’re talking everything, hood, bumper, bumper lights, side markers, fender, headlights and the whole nine yards. He even replaced the rubber seals, fender linings and things like the plastic coverings. We like to think that less tends to be better, more complete and less confusing, but Stevie easily proved us wrong this time. His mod list spreads pages yet he manages to pull such a clean look. Here is a great example; We were never a fan of mud flaps on “fitted” cars, but he made them look cool. He also used parts from different cars to be different and innovative, such as the custom MK3 Golf front lip. The exterior was finished off with a Safire Black paint that was also hit with metallic pearls. The result is just right!

Here is where it gets really good though. Under the hood is a fully tuned 97 GSR motor with a B16 transmission. While you’re under there, you will also find a B&M short shifter, Apexi AFC, HKS exhuast, ACT clutch and a clean set of Innovative motor mounts. Now that you know what moves it, you’re probably wondering what exactly it sits on, right? Hit the Read More button below to find out!

Stevie’s choice of coilovers are the Skunk2 Pro’s. One of the things that we love the most about his CRX are those Chevlon 6 spokes with gold plated rivets and the repolished lips that were also filled & redrilled. They sit in 16×8 +23 (F) 16×8.5 +11 (R) and are wrapped in 195/40/16 Yokohama S Drives. In the rear he also added the Blackworks camber kit which was a nice touch in our opinion. This CRX sits seriously low, just look at those mud flaps literally touching the ground. Ask Stevie if he is on bags and you will probably offend him! This dude rolls hard everywhere and every time, no excuses!

That, takes us to that ridiculously low Civic Coupe of his. He hasn’t done much to it since last year because quite honestly it was amazing just the way it was. As you may recall we mentioned that he would get his fenders painted since they had some “battle scars”, and that he did. Slightly more pulled and smoothened, they now look good as new. He also added a Apexi World sport 2 exhaust and last but not least, he had those Mb Battles repainted in white. Stevie says that he plans on swapping new wheels on his Civic very soon. Perhaps a set of 3 piece wheel a this time around? You’ll have to wait and see! Again, click here for specs and more on his Civic Coupe.

With that said, we’ll leave you with a couple more pictures and some thank you’s. Viet Do, for motivation to all his projects, Slammed Garage’s Peter Lammerts, Imadeskidmarks’ Mike B, rtranphotography, SunWorks and last but not least all of his friends! If you’re interested in a feature on our site please shoot us an email right away! We’re always looking for proper rides!