One of the cars that we took a closer look at last last year was this particular Z. It belongs to a very good friend of ours by the name of Luckie, who lives out in Hawaii. For those who are going to comment about “featuring” the same car twice, relax. We wouldn’t necessarily call this a full feature, we’re just sharing the very last set of photos of it with it’s current rims. While we won’t tell you what Luckie’s next setup will be, we’ll tell you that it will shake the whole aggressive fitment scene up. Anyway, check out these random pictures that our photographer Emil Corpuz shot.

Photos By: Emil Corpuz exclusively for

This is what your everyday rush hour traffic looks like. Quite a nice sight, isn’t it? We’ve only seen a few cars this low and still driven hard. Big shout to Luckie and all our fans out of Hawaii!

Just a random shot of Luckie pulled on the side of the road as our photographer Emil was shooting Luckie’s cousin (Anthony) with the white G35 that we featured last week.

One of the reasons we all love these Z’s is for their ability to fit such aggressive wheels with minimal fender work, and of course that super wide rear end. Check out the booty on this thing!

Sitting Right:
Work Euroline DH
19×10 with 225/35/19 tire.
19×11 with 245/35/19 tire.
Stance Gr+ Coilovers

Lastly we’ll leave you with a nice picture that shows off the -7 degrees of camber that Luckie is running. Big thanks to Luckie as well as Emil for making this happen. Stay tuned because you’ll see a lot more of this car in the very near future. Make sure to check out the feature we did on it a while back.