Here is someting you don’t see everyday! Hell, chances are majority of you have probably never seen such wild fitment on a Honda Accord, and to be honest with you, we haven’t either. This slammed sedan belongs to BIG out of Thailand, and having an opportunity to share it on our site with thousands of our fans is just an honor. Now we told you last time that Thai’s VIP scene is on the rise, and we even went as far as saying that in the next couple of years they will be up there with the best (Japan). Custom fabrication, wheel choices, and just the overall appearance of Thailand’s cars is absolutely incredible. BIG’s Honda Accord G8 is fine example of where they stand in this automotive lifestyle.

Photos By: Q.T exclusively for

Integration of Mode Parfume Phantom GAMU front bumper to the factory Accord bumper is as smooth as it gets. Custom, one-off chrome front grille was added for a touch of “luxury”, while in the rear all of the unnecessary lights that span all throughout the trunk were removed as well for a much cleaner look.

One of the craziest things on this car obviously would have to be all that camber. Front camber is currently sitting at -9 degrees, while the rear end is pulling an incredible -17 degrees of camber thanks to the heavily modified control arms and other work. Just recently he swapped out his wheels as well, coming from a set of Work Valianza V5S’s to now a set of Club Linea L450’s. Fronts are 19×9 (-2) and rears are 19×10 (+9) wrapped in 215/35/19 & 235/35/19 tires. Click Read More below for the rest.

A shop by the name of CarDance took care of the air suspension for BIG, where he is now able to lay the frame on the ground. While we are on the subject of suspension we might as well point out some things for you. The thing that makes Japanese cars so incredible in most peoples eyes is the fact that majority of them run on coilovers just millimeters off the ground. That’s not the case with Thailand however. Majority of their cars are equipped with air suspension. We have not seen their roads personally (yet) but from what our friends and the owners of these cars tell us, they’re far from the smooth roads that Japan is blessed with. Cars dumped on coilovers wouldn’t last longer then a few days if driven daily, especially those who happen to live outside the city! Regardless of bags or coilovers though, when a car sits like this, you can’t really complain.

Stick around for more incredible cars out of this up and coming country. In the meantime we would like to thanks BIG, Q and all of our Thai friends for all their support. We will leave you with a few more photos of this Accord to drool over. Honda Accords will never be the same from this point on!