Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, someone somewhere decides to spice things up a bit. Over the last few years the entire “S” chassis has become one of the most common in the “aggressive wheel fitment” community, and with that come challenges. Everyone wants to stand out from others but only a few pull it off without either going overboard or not doing enough. Sun Vogue’s approach was a risky one especially considering this was high “every day street car”. Flashy color, ridiculous wheel fitment, huge wing & canards, the list goes on and on. We think that it’s an absolute neck breaker and would love to hear from you. Make sure you drop a comment and let us know what you think of this crazy S14!

Photos By: Bezy Photography exclusively for StanceNation.com

Thailand has been surprising us with a ton of quality VIP builds lately but we can’t say we ever expected this. The guys at Drop Car Shop helped Sun build one of the finest S14’s in the country and it’s an honor having it as the very first feature of 2012. The SR20DET motor is equipped with a Greddy TD06 turbo kit, Greddy wastegate & blow of valve along with an HKS intercooler & oil cooler. While all that may not be as wild as the exterior, it certainly gets the job done. Sure wish we had a video of it!

Back to the exterior we come. It’s definitely where this car shines the most. The carbon fiber kevlar wide body kit screams “BADASS!!” and as if that wasn’t enough, check out that huge “GT” wing in the rear along with the diffuser. It looks like something you would see in the Transformers sequel. When it came time for a set of proper shoes Suns first choice was a set of the extremely aggressive Work Equips you’re looking at. They are 18×10.5 up front with 265/30/18 tire and 18×12 rear with a slightly wider 275/30/18 tire. Lastly it sits slammed on Tein Flex coilovers. As always, don’t forget to click the Read More link below for a few more photos. Big shout out to Bezy for the awesome photography.

While we don’t have any interior photos unfortunately, we do know that the entire interior features a full Silvia S15 conversion. Pretty wicked if you ask us! With that said, we’ll end this feature with a few more photos that our talented photographer Bezy shot for us. We wish you all a happy new year and we can’t thank you enough for your support. Make sure you email us photos of your rides to snfeatures@gmail.com, hit up our forums and last but not least Like us on facebook if you haven’t already!