This right here is just one out of at least five properly fitted G35’s coming to you out of Sacramento, California. Every show we attend we see them all parked together. We’ve featured Patrick’s car before, but now he is back and looking even better than before! Make sure you read the other feature if you want to check out all the specs of the car since today we’ll let pictures do most of the talking.

Photos by: Patrick Huang exclusively for

Most notable change is the paint job obviously. When we asked Patrick what the name of it was he told us that it’s basically a custom water-based candy red with orange pearl, there isn’t really a name. This thing just shines so much, you have to see it in person! Another thing Patrick added is the Akebono Gold Big Brake Kit which flows so well with those dark Work VS-XX’s. He is running a 19×9.5 & 19×10.5 with some thick adapters to push the wheels out closer to the fenders. Read more for more pictures!

Sitting Right:
Work VS-XX
F: 19×9.5 e.t.+3 R-disk 235/35/19 (25mm spacer)
R: 19×10.5 e.t.-1 O-disk 255/35/19 (30mm spacer)
Project Kics r40 neo chro extended lugs

UAS air bags
F: -2 degrees R: -4.1 degrees

As we said before, the Akebono Gold BBK really looks great against the dark tones of the VS-XX’s. The car is also slammed on UAS Airbags, but no worries, he drives it almost as low as he parks.

Car is kitted with Inven front bumper accompanied with the Nismo Splitter, and the exotic-like Chargespeed rear bumper. The big HKS exhaust fills up the Chargespeed bumper perfectly, and you bet it sounds good too. Well, enough talking from us, the car is obviously a piece of art. We want to thank Patrick for the awesome photos of his car and stay tuned for more G’s out of Sactown! Trust us, these guys don’t disappoint and they all daily their cars all over the Left Coast.

Photos by: Patrick Huang exclusively for