If you are a regular on StanceNation here, there is a good chance that you may have heard of the name Marcus Eisenhut before. He was the guy that organized the Stance Alliance event back in Sweden which we covered just a couple of days ago. So what does Marcus drive? Well, that’s where our awesome new Swedish photographers come into the picture. Peter and Jill were able to snap a few photos of Marcus’ Honda Integra for us right after the event a few days ago. Marcus’ Integra is sitting on a beautiful set of BBS RS wheels in 15×8 (+6) up front and 15×9 (-1) in the rear. It’s dropped on Omnipower coilovers, and while it may not be the lowest Integra out there, it’s certainly one of our favorites. Scroll down for more specs and photos!

Photos By: HellbergsBilvard.se exclusively for StanceNation.com

Under the hood is the legendary JDM B18C motor and many other small things. Interior is also refreshed with a pair of red Integra Type R Recaro seats and Sparco 6 point harness’. Unlike the Integra owners stateside here who swap their front ends for JDM ones, Marcus converted his front end to the USDM one! It’s cool, it’s fresh, and we’re willing to bet that it’s one of a kind out there in Sweden. Hope you like it as much as we do and don’t forget to click the Read More button.