The chance of you owning the lowest S2000 around now a days is next to none. Same goes for the lowest wheel offset, biggest stretch, and plenty of other things. Some of us realize and accept that, so instead of going for the “lowest and/or widest” title, we actually choose to stay moderate and build a car that we’re happy with. This Honda S2000 is a perfect example of what we’re talking about. It looks fresh, breaks necks everywhere you drive it, and lands you a feature on Stance:Nation!

Photos by: Jeff Morton exclusively for

This beautiful Solid Red S2000 belongs to Lamar, who always keeps his car looking fresh and up to date. When we asked Lamar if the car has any “go-fast” mods, these were his exact words; “to preserve the purity and reliability of this high-revving engine, and to prevent visits to the Ref, no engine modifications have been implemented”. No worries though, it’s not an “all-show” car, Lamar tracks this thing regularly. Daily driven, the car sits on Eibach Ground Control Coilovers, but when it’s time to get on the track Lamar swaps his suspension to the awesome KW Variant 3 Coilovers. Why the swap, you may ask. Well, it’s as simple as, because he can. Check out how this thing sits on Eibachs below.

Sitting Right:
BBS LM Rear Mounted Center with polished lip.
18×8.5 (+23) & 18×10 (+35)
Eibach Ground Control Coilovers (Street) KW Variant 3 Coilovers (Track)

To keep the exterior looking clean, Lamar added the S2000 Hardtop with Hand Laid Carbon Fiber + Custom Glass Rear Window along with ASM Hood, Fenders, Front bumper, and rear bumper with Custom Exhaust Cutouts. It looks aggressive as hell if you ask us. They say little things can make or break a car, and to us, that one thing would have to be the awesome Veilside Carbon Fiber trunk spoiler. It really completes the car without looking too flashy. Lamar clearly knows what he is doing!

We won’t bore you anymore with our writing, so we’ll wrap this up just like all other features, by thanking Lamar as well as our photographer Jeff for an awesome shoot! If you are located in the greater San Diego area and think your car has what it takes to be on our site, please shoot us an email right away as we’re constantly looking for vehicles to showcase!

Photos by: Jeff Morton exclusively for