It doesn’t take much to have a seriously good looking S2000. Wheels, coilovers, and some kind of lip for the front bumper and you’ll be good to go. Check out a couple of these awesome S2K’s from the fellas of Jock Me Crew out in Vegas. David Nguyen (Bojangles Photography) was able to find a perfect location and capture a few proper pictures. First S2K is sitting on Work Meister in 17×8 with +28 offset and 17×9 with +28 offset as well. It’s also equipped with Megan Coilovers, while the other S2K is rolling on Rays Victrix in 18×9 with +23 offset and 18×10 with +18 offset and Stance GR+ Coilovers.

Credits: Bojangles & DudeBlvd.