Here is a pretty clean Honda S2000 that was sent to us by our friend Johnny. It belongs to one of his buddies and is rolling on a set of Work XD9’s 18×9 & 18×10. It’s also equipped with Buddyclub N+ coilovers. While it doesn’t really have the most aggressive wheel setup or any crazy body work, it does the job and breaks necks everywhere it goes with that Mugen hardtop and front lip that’s practically on the ground. The owner of this beauty is rocking nothing but the good stuff. The interior features a Bride bucket seat, Mugen rear view mirror cover, Spoon gen 2 steering wheel, Momo hub, Nrg thin quick release, and Spoon 6spd shift knob. This isn’t the last time you’ll see this car on here however. Brandon’s future plans include building a custom set of Work Rezax ll’s, doing a full color change, rebuilding and boosting the motor, just to name a few things. Big ups to Tennessee for stepping their game up lately. As we said, expect a lot more in the near future!

Photos By: Johnny K exclusively for