If you are having a rough Monday so far, we may just have something that will make it much better. What we have for you today is this drop dead gorgeous Subaru Impreza STI that belongs to Chu out of Toronto, Canada. What’s so special about it you may ask? Well, just check out these shots and take some time to look through all the modifications below. Chu purchased his STI back in ’08 and since then it has gone through several wheel setups. Advans, CEs, XD9s, BBS’, just to name a few. His most recent setup happens to be our favorite. It’s truly a great mixture of “form & function” as we like to say.

The car is built with nothing but quality parts. Voltex, BBS, Endless, Cobb, Prodrive, and the list goes on. Let’s start with the go-fast mods first, what do you say? Some of the things Chu did to get the car moving a bit faster than stock was a Cobb AccessPort (stage 2 pro-tune), Prodrive Jasma 3″ turbo back and 3″ downpipe, and many other smaller things. It’s not the quickest STI you’ve seen but with over 300HP at the wheels, let’s just say that it moves. How about that awesome aero all around?

The rear end features the almighty Voltex Carbon Fiber diffuser paired with that shiny ProDrive Jasma Exhaust. Not that it matters but we usually prefer wingless Subarus, in this instance however it works like magic. Chu dropped the car on a set of BC coilovers with 10k/9k (custom spring rates and shock bodies) and mounted on a set of BBS LM wheels. They were recently re-barreled, re-polished and the faces were resprayed. Sitting at 18×9 all around with a +5 offset they are just right in our opinion. Hit the Read More button below for lots more photos and specs.

We’ll leave you with a few more photos and a huge shout out to Chu as well as our photographer Raymond Tran. Stay tuned for another awesome ride right out of Toronto, Canada in the next day or two. Don’t forget to shoot us an email to snfeatures@gmail.com if you think your car has what it takes to be on our site.