Today we’ll be showing you Mitun’s dumped Rabbit whom we actually chased down and demanded a photoshoot from. No, but really, our photographer Brian Jarocki met up with Mitun last week and was able to get some pretty dope shots for us that the car truly deserved. We’ve seen photos of this car months ago but never really knew that it was not too far from where our photographer lives. It may just be another VW sitting on BBS wheels, but oh-my does it look good! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Click the photo above for a High Resolution image that we’re currently rocking on our desktop.

Photos By: Brian Jarocki exclusively for

Those sexy wheels are 17×8.5 w/205/40/17 up front and 17×10 in the rear w/205/45/17 tires. Obviously, BBS RS’ done in a unique and custom finish. Faces were done in “Autumn Brown Rust-Oleum” with gloss black lips and gold spike bolts. Easy Street Auto Pilot System controls the Air Lift Slam XL front bags and Universal Air: Air House II Rear bags with Dual Viair 480c compressors. Back in the trunk is a 5 Gallon Air tank that you can check out on the very bottom of this feature, so scroll on down.

While the interior is relatively stock, exterior is far from it. GTI Front Bumper with color matched “Autumn Brown Rust-Oleum” front shield was added in the front, GLI Sideskirts on the side, and R32 Rear bumper with custom shaved lower diffuser and turn down exhaust. Looks absolutely beautiful if you ask us. Mitun also spent some time upgrading his lighting. He added a set of projector foglights, OEM GTI HID’s and last but not least, OEM Euro LED tail lights. Hit the Read More button below for more!

One thing we have learned today is that it’s “OK” to be that “just another VW on BBS’“, because when done right they look absolutely incredible. At the end of the day, it is your car and your money, and you should do whatever you want to it not what others expect of you. Big shout out to Brian, Juan and Mitun for making this shoot possible. Stay tuned for more fine Chicago rides, they’re on fire!