We would like to take a minute and dedicate this post to all of the incredibly amazing people of Japan. They’ve literally gone through hell these past couple of weeks, from earthquake after earthquake, to a tsunami and to the recent shortage of food and water! We have dozens of friends in Japan that we exchange emails with every now and then, and the way these guys handle themselves is just truly incredible. I’ve personally never seen such positive and strong bunch of people in my entire life. We got in contact with our friend Shota Mori (owner of this hatch) just a day after the quake hoping to hear that him and his family & friends were safe, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

His family is located in the eastern side of Japan so he feared for the worst. As you may recall, phone lines were down, roads and homes were destroyed and there was no possible way of getting in touch with anyone right away. Thankfully though, after a couple of extremely long days he managed to make contact with his family. Just imagine what he was going through during those times!

Now, we know that it’s been a couple of weeks since those unfortunate events occurred, and we also realize that the media has moved on to other things, but the truth is that there are still nearly half a million of Japanese people that have lost their homes, means of transportation and in some cases even their significant others. Food and water are finally getting to their shelters but it’s obviously not enough.

This is where you guys come into play. You may have bought a couple of stickers or shirts to support Japan and that’s great, however, if you have yet to do any of that or are fortunate enough to give more, we strongly urge you to help in any way that you can. We’ll provide some links for you on the bottom of this post and we hope you at least consider it. We’ll also leave you with some more pictures of Shota’s awesome hatch. We thank you all in advance!

Ways to Help:

Text the American Red Cross (REDCROSS to 90999) to donate $10 from your phone or visit redcross.org to make a donation over your computer.


A contribution to International Medical Corps helps ensure the disaster relief to the services they need today, including primary and secondary health care, food and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, mental health care, and the skills they need to rehabilitate.


GlobalGiving disburse funds to organizations providing direct relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. All donors will get email updates on how their funds have been used.